pizza gate questions

1.the nocturnal ritual fantasy is something that is used all throughout history in which one group using false claims to slander another for example when the Christians in medieval Europe created all those horrible stories about jews because they were considered heretics. Usually, as a result of this, the people who spread the fantasy no real harm comes to them, however, the people who end up getting the short end of the stick like the ones who end up committing heinous acts in their blind belief as well as the people in which the claims were made against usually end up some kind of irreparable damage.

2. The reason comet ping pong was targetted is that they host democratic fundraisers as well as there popular with workers who work in the belt and most of the workers are usually democratic

3. a persecuting society is a society who goes around on witch hunts as some would say in order to destroy they believe to be evil there are the highest degree as they are the ones who acted on these false claims without any knowledge and committed acts that persecuted those who they thought evil

4. The author says the pillars of society that are changing are sexuality and all things dealing with this from how you define yourself to homosexuality another pillar that is being remade is religion and what aspects of our life it influences as another pillar that is changing is race and economic demographic I think that another pillar of society that is changing is schooling and how it is viewed and whether or not is necessary to go beyond high school and go to college instead of going to something like a trade school this pillar is kind of reflected in the pizza gate theory because it shows that if people had been a  little more educated they would have not made those decisions

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  • I would have loved to see more probing answers for 2 and 3. A lot of these types of conspiracy theories work to legitimize violence against people whose identity-categories place them on the margins of society – in the middle ages, jews. Today, in some circles, GLBT+ people. Persecuting people on the margins is understood by people who do it as protecting the center from evil. It’s a powerful political dynamic, but not an inclusive one.

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