The concepts and skills I used this semester were note-taking and annotations in order to break down high-level readings. I used note-taking to help reinforce what I read like writing a few words at the end of the paragraph so too make sure I knew what I was looking at when I went back and looked at my annotations. another thing I did was only annotating key points to the article such as in Kahneman only annotating his ideas or explanations to Ideas and things that relate to his ideas. I can say  all this but how well did it actually work for me I think when I did it the readings went really and I was able to really understand material and commit it to memory however the key thing is “when” I was very neglectful when it came to doing the readings and homework so that is something that probably needs to be improved upon going forward as it is very important that I do things on time and in a consistent fashion another thing I could work on improving when using these skills is my ability to see from the authors point of view when reading is being able to have this switch will make understanding authors easier and will allow when I am writing to know when to use their material also another thing that could be worked on is my ability to pull answers together with from text this needs to really be worked on because in the Kahneman essay it would have been way easier to understand from the get-go if I was better at doing this. However all and all I want to say I think my strategies weren’t terrible but maybe could use some brushing up here and there so in order to do this I will need to do more homework so I can build up these skills as I think the thing that really hurt me was my lack of effort towards the class and articles and this best demonstrated in one essay were I was supposed to use at least four quotes but only used one or two because I neglected to fully read the article and annotate properly which lead to me having writers block and never fully completing the essay properly and this has affected me all the way through the semester so if I had fully read and annotated the article properly with notes I would have done better but this was the beginning of the year and when you compare it to now with the latest essay we did on Kahneman I got much better and there were significant improvements to my writing as well as you can tell that I fully read and understood the article as well as annotated the article properly and demonstrated a  level of understanding not seen in previous writings. So again I think my processes were good but I lacked motivation and drive to perform and had I been more like I am now my grade might be better 

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  • Sounds like you have come to understand the value of annotations. I asked for photos of your Kahneman annotations in this post. I’d like to see them to assess your annotation strategies for myself.

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