The story of How I mess up every day

I mess up every single day. I love my mom to death best mom in the world shes loves me no matter what but oh boy if I miss a phone call from her I better I have a good excuse for not answering or even worse hanging up on her. So listening to her I get responses like

“Why don’t you you pick up the phone on the first try”

I’ll say “I was in class”

so in response, she says “sure”

and then she will start talking to me about whatever she wants to talk to me about it could range from one of the crazy schemes she has for me to how I am doing, for instance, the last time I chatted with her she called to tell me that she had signed me up for a road race on thanksgiving and if you know me I hate cardio like with a passion so hearing that I have to run a day that I should be at home relaxing was kinda a shock and on top of that she never even asked if I wanted to do it she just signed me up.

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