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During this semester of English class my prewriting, drafting and revising were alright when prewriting I read the key material and annotated it and took the notes. However I never for any of my essays created an outline, or anything of that sort as I have and still do feel like they’re kind of annoying, and tiresome to create rather I just prefer to wing my drafts and put everything down on the page, and think as I write. I also more or less outline what I am going to say in my head. Drafting in terms of drafting I like to just write, and just kind of let things just flow, and see where my writing takes me, however, I still stay in the guidelines set by the professor and just put words on the page with less concern for grammar, and more of a focus on ideas and points that I need to get across to the reader. Revising is something that I did a little to none at the beginning of the year, but now after finishing this last essay, I have done a lot of revising because I have a new and improved revising strategy. With my initial revising strategy at the beginning of the year was I focused on every little thing rather than taking it step by step this not taking it step by step, and do it all at once attitude left me feeling overwhelmed. when I went and look at the essay but now at the end of the year I have learned how to properly revise documents without getting overwhelmed by focusing on big things then going and working on the little things. So how did these writing strategies help me during this semester well to begin with my drafting, and prewriting could have been a little better by doing things like outlining or annotating better. However, I have been working on doing better annotating I again don’t like outline as I feel like it is constricting. Drafting  when drafting I could have probably used my grammar more in drafting, so there were fewer mistakes to fix when I needed to revise but its a draft, and not a final version so it doesn’t matter that much but it might have helped my revising but all in all I think my drafting was pretty good. Revising, on the other hand, is something that I really need to get better at in general as I never really did too much of it in Highschool but with what I have learned from this one-semester about how I need to revise without feeling overworked. This is how I feel about what I have learned, and what I need improving on as you can see I have made some big improvements as well learned some important lessons but there is a lot more I need to improve in terms of both strengths and weakness and I will continue working on these skills well into the feature.

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  • I share your self-assessment. Pre-writing doesn’t have to mean outlining (which as you note, isn’t always a productive practice); it means idea generating, working on comprehending materials you want to write about, making decisions about formats….

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