fake news prompt

What I learned from the bad news experiment about fake news is that fake news is very harmful to society and can create false ideas in society. Prior to going into the game, I had already some semblance of how fake news works and it works like this fakes is designed to appeal to people and target specific groups by using data sets of what people lookup on the internet the most then people create fake articles that appeal to their targets and fake news sites earn money by how many clicks and views they get on their articles this is also called clickbait this way of doing things became a big scandal for a big entrepreneur named mark Zuckerberg after he was selling peoples data to third-party companies so they could create ads and fake news to target groups of people to buy certain products or to have people on their site fak news is bad for people to read as it gives people a false idea of what’s happening and is strictly there to make people feel good about themselves rather than to have people be informed and if fake news gains enough traction it can be viewed by some as a credible source thus increasing the notoriety of the source and giving it credit the next big thing that is bad about fake news is it creates false ideas.

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