conspiracy mini essay

There has been a theory circulating recently through online message boards that include the Clintons, neighborhood pizza joints, and pedophiles. This theory is known as pizza gate theory, which goes a little something like this  that due to something found in Hillary Clinton’s private emails that were searched in 2016 by the FBI during the elections it leads the FBI to search her campaign manager John podesta’s emails as well in the end they never found anything illegal either of their emails however later on in November after the FBI finished their investigation in  November of 2016 wiki leaks released a statement that linked john podesta and several other high ranking members of the democratic party to a child sex trafficking ring in involving several pizza joints in which these figures used as a front for the child sex trafficking ring all of this is just a conspiracy theory with no ground in any facts but the effects of the theory have been seen and felt by a small pizza joint and a  small family because of this theory gaining such traction due to places like info wars and other far right-wing conspiracy theorists the theory spread like wildfire prompting a father of two whose pastimes included playing with his family to drive to Washington D.C and storm a small neoghborhood pizza joint known as comet ping pong with an A.R 15. In his crusade, he entered comet pizza shot a few rounds off and entered the back and shot open the fridge and to his surprise, there were no child sex slaves instead it was just a bunch of cooking supplies luckily no one was injured and the attacker was arrested. So as you can see the pizza gate theory had an effect that was not catastrophic however it did devastate a family and scare a neighborhood. The effects of pizza gate have made waves and woken people up to the fact that fake news or things that are just used for clicks have no real meaning have an effect I also think that this whole scandal has made people more aware of the internet and the effect it can have on peoples lives and revealed the darker side of the internet and made people aware of websites such as Reddit and 4chan places that are not like twitter and Facebook that are little less out of the public eye places that can foster darker ideas and take advantage of the gullibility of certain people and make them believe in falsehoods and lies that will manipulate people into committing shootings or giving large sums of money because they believe what they are doing is right and just even though all the evidence around them says otherwise but thanks to the event known as pizza gate it is my hope that due to this event it has made people wiser about the internet and made them more aware of the internets effects on society and influential it has become in peoples day to day lives so in the end i think that the pizza gate scandal was a culimination of a bunch of things namely fake news coverage a bunch of bot accounts and people who just need to check there sources and make sure that what they believe in is real but I do hope that people realize that the internet is a dark place that can spawn scandals with no basis in reality and because of this it makes the internet a dark place and I hope that people are more aware of places like 4 chan and reddit          

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