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               the issue with protest is it causes a division in the sports viewing experience as some agree with what the athletes are saying while others disagree and usually it will be the people who dislike the protest that end up being the loudest people however there will be those that agree with what the players are saying the split is usually pretty even. So how do we the university maintain a position that satisfies players yet does not isolate any group of fans? Well some people are going to be mad  however how do we keep  a majority of fans and satisfy players well the first thing we can do is cut a deal with the players that they will no longer protest during games and establish events to protest at as well as setup press events to bring attention to what they are doing this we can control what they are doing and mitigate damage this will isolate some however most of the fans who get upset just don’t want to see the protest on game day this way we keep majority of fans and we might attract new fans with our progressiveness as well as recruits and students may want to attend school here more thus turning what could have been a bad situation into a positive.


So in my opinion it only seems fair for athletes to talk about there political opinions however I think that athletes need to keep their opinions out of the sports they play so whenever your on the job wearing a jersey or doing press conferences for there respective teams and other team events they can’t talk politics however whenever this isn’t the case they have the right to talk politics however do to there status I think they need to be careful of what they say as a lot of their fans are little kids who may not fully understand politics or have any political views so I think athletes should maybe watch how they phrase certain things however other than that I think they should be able to speak their opinions because it sheds new light and shows brings up issues that America might have swept under the rug

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