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Problem statement: with athletes becoming more politically active it raises issues with organizations players saying things that may be more controversial and against the organization’s views causing players to protest and with this becoming more popular amongst athletes it could only be a matter of time before UNE becomes a hotbed for political controversies, which could either be detrimental or extremely beneficial for UNE if handled in certain ways.

Background: so when did athletes in this age really start expressing their political opinions to the nation it became huge during the anthem protest that was started by Colin Kaepernick in 2014 who wanted to raise awareness for police brutality by sitting/ kneeling during the national anthem which was, of course, received with mixed opinions with some calling it unamerican and others supporting the protest none the less these protest opened the flood gates for athletes to start speaking there minds about political topics and demonstrating their viewpoints however there is one thing that most can say for certain these protests began the trend of athletes sharing their opinions on hot political topics  

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