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The fan’s response to the NFL protests has been a mixed bag of people who agree and people who disagree with others in-between on their opinions however everyone can agree that these protests have shaken the whole football world to its core but all fans can agree that football needs to return to the way it was before the protests a place where fans could come together and just enjoy football. So, how do we return football to the sport it was before the protest and acknowledge both sides of the argument? Well first I think the NFL needs to address the player feelings and organize protests outside of the game time and maybe get some of the big-time owners to host and organize protests in their stadium because if big football families like the Jones, Mara’s, Rooney’s, and Kraft’s got involved it would bring more media attention and further cement the protests thus satisfying the fans and players who agree with the protests however the players would have to stand for the national anthem on Sundays and refrain from making comments on gameday about there political views and this would satisfy the people who don’t like the protest. And hopefully, by doing this, it will defuse the animosity between both groups of people as these protests have really divided fans with many walking away from football and others finding more enjoyment in it because of they feel like they are being represented by people but I feel like because of these protests I feel like all of football has suffered as a refuge that once brought people together has been turned into a political warzone from which football will struggle to recover from however I do feel like these athletes should be able to protest for things they believe in and I think the owners should contribute as it could bring good press for them and will help grow there brand and open new doors plus it gives owners a little more control of there players so they can have some control of how the protests are carried out thus allowing if people want to ignore politics and just watch football they can and if people want the football politics then they can get it because the owners will be giving players their outlet to protest and make a change in the world and with all this I think we can set football on a road to recovery.      

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