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Athletes are speaking out about things they care and feel strongly about like Karl Anthony Towns speaking about racism and how it has impacted his life so all the athletes are speaking from either personal experience or about subjects they have done extensive research so all these athletes are speaking about and bringing attention to things they truly care about and I do think that it is important for athletes to speak their opinions on topics as their voice may reach people who cannot here certain groups of people. So with athletes being more vocal with their opinion is it valid for critics to say they should or shouldn’t speak out about these issues. I definitely see both sides of the argument one which lives in the past in an era before this day and age when athletes really didn’t talk about politics and the other more progressive which thinks athletes should talk politics and that we should praise these athletes for speaking their minds and putting their careers on the line so they can speak their minds I’m definitely very in between on these arguments as I don’t want sports to be the next political battleground however I feel like athletes should have a voice in certain political issues going forward however the key will be to keep politics and sports separate and what I mean is this when its gameday no politics go to the arena or stadium play the game do your press conference and interviews with no politics because when its gameday your at work and work is not a place for you to be voicing your political views however when it’s not game day and you do interviews or make appearances on shows that’s when you can get political also when your talking politics maybe don’t directly attack certain political figures and be a little more subtle with your jabs. I think this might hit the appropriate balance of apolitical and political for people and I think it is important for athletes to stand for more than just peak sports acumen and represent something else like activism in the community. I believe the controversial part is that people of the wealthier classes who watches these athletes don’t want to hear it because these athletes do know what they are talking about and I think they’re afraid that with athletes speaking out it could create a change that disrupts there little slice of heaven.

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