athletes and politics

The story I read was by clay Travis a writer for the new york post he in his article called the era of the sports god who shuns politics is sadly over talks about how the era of when sports icons and legends who refuse to talk about there political beliefs has ended and that we have entered an era where sports has changed from an apolitical climate where people could just come together and bond over sports into a place littered with athletes speaking their political views thus taking place that once was where people could bond and forget about the world for a few hours into a political playground and further dividing the people as well as he talks about the advent of social media and how it is affecting our sports viewing as well as how it dictates what we see and our opinions of the world. Overall I agree with what he’s saying because although I respect athletes for there bravery and talking about there views I think that when athletes are at press conferences and playing their respective sports they are working and just like in any work environment they shouldn’t be allowed to spew their political views without consequence and they also have to understand that their sphere of influence extends to younger generations the ones who will one day lead this country into the future and these athletes will leave an impression on these kids one way or another also most athletes nowadays don’t exactly have a full college education and may not be able to fully grasp why certain things happen but I think athletes do have a right to draw attention to problems in a more positive way like helping impoverished kids or being apart of protest for things they believe in. this what I read and believe.       

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