Kahneman essay Pt.1

It was October of my first semester in college and it was time for midterms. The first of my two midterms was my English midterm. In English class I was doing some what poorly I really needed to improve and do well on the test I thought I was ready and that I knew the material what would be covered in my exam well enough that I did not need to study that much so the night before I briefly put together a practice exam but did not finish it  or check the answers. So the next morning I walked to class with my backpack on thinking oh yeah I got this (I have many things but I did not have this ) I got to class at 8:55 saw everyone pulling out there laptops and instantly knew I messed up I had decided that I did not need my laptop for class because we were taking an exam and you usually need just a pencil for an exam never your laptop but I was mistaken I then asked my professor “can get my laptop I left in my room”.

He responded, “probably a good idea”. so I quickly left the room and went back down two flights of stairs and then sprinted to my resident hall ran up the four flights of stairs that I had just gone down not even fifteen minutes ago threw open the door to my room and grabbed the laptop from my desk and then went back down the four flights of stairs left my resident hall and ran back to class and reentered the room within a few minutes and sat down in the first seat that was open and began working through the exam. During the exam I took my time and answered every question and felt mostly confident about my answers, however this morning was not meant to be a good morning as about half through I began to feel it. It moved from my stomach down through my body to a certain area in which my body was telling me it was ready to go. What was it? it was a stomachache that would was needing to pass. Luckily, I was able to hold it and finish the test and then pass this movement once completing the test. After this I was able to proceed with my day normally by going to the my next few classes. First, I went to math took a math test and then proceeded to my next class writing lab in writing lab the teacher (not the same teacher as my English teacher) this teacher asked me how I did and I was like “I did great”.

To which she said “really, well I hope you did as well as you think you did”. We moved on from this and began the lesson reading an article published written ironically by Daniel Kahneman after this class I didn’t really think to much about my English exam for the rest of the day and went on normally until Wednesday when first thing in the morning I got hit with a 56% and realized I messed up.

Why did I make these judgements? Because I am not the brightest probably or maybe it was over confidence in my abilities as a student and because I was to busy goofing off. I would like to say it was purely the second but then I would lying so it was most likely a combination of both any ways what lead to the decisions of not really studying and leaving my laptop in my room when in English I have used my laptop the most out of any class. The first decision to not study was because of overconfidence in my abilities due to an illusion of skill that I could just fumble my way through the exam and do alright and I was proven wrong. The second decision was made because of previous knowledge from other midterm exams causing me to make a poor assumption about the exam causing me to show up unprepared to class  

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