How I Need To Learn In College

So My last piece didn’t really follow or Speak much to My school study habits however It instead looked at how I would prepare for sports But for school, I usually follow what Dr. Chew says for studying I find that even if I am not trying to learn the material I remember it quite well this is because I try to eliminate all distractions for example if I am in my room and there’s stuff going on in the hallway I will go over to the common and put ome headphones in and work or vice versus cause I find when I study or do homework if theres anything that can distract me I immediately forget what I am doing and latch on to the other stuff going on around me And for how I study in general I think that It works well as I still remember things and retain knowledge from my freshmen year of Highschool and even further back then that so I think my techniques are pretty effective based on what chew Has However the problem is committing my self to studying but thats a whole other ball of wax but I am working on it.

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  • The study behaviors we use are good indicators of the beliefs we have. I’m sure that you know what some good study strategies are and break them out sometimes, but your statement that you have trouble committing yourself to studying means that at some level, you think that learning is fast. What do you think your reading quiz results so far say about the learning strategies you’re using to try to master the information and ideas in the readings?

  • I think that you should talk in more detail about your experiences. I feel that you just list them off with a little explanation. Maybe if you could add a few sentences to each then you’ll have a better write-up.

    Get a little more specific if possible. Try to use things that are more memorable for you so you can get into more detail.

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