Summary of Atul Gawande

               Atul Gawande Believes that for professional’s there are two ways to improve one being the more traditional way of improvement which is that you got to school study, graduate, and enter the real world and then improve from experience however eventually you will level out and that will be it for you that will be the best you can be. However, there is another school which builds on the previous approach this second approach integrates a second person which follows you and judges you based on your performance and tells you what you did wrong and how to improve this person goes by many names however it is typically referred to as a coach. This second train of thought originates from sports and has been used by top athletes for over a century now however not until has it been used by people in a professional setting such as an emergency room and concerts. I totally agree with Atul Gawande this system has proven invaluable for athletes in making them the best, for example, NBA and NFL players may go back and train with there old high school coaches even if these players end up being better than those who coached them Just so they can have an outside opinion so they can perfect the basics. Not only has this system proven to work for athletes its also proven to work for military Grade marksman as all marksman consist of two teams a spotter and a sniper with the spotter usually being a slightly better marksman than the sniper this helps make sure that the marksmen never miss as well as a way to monitor the sniper when they shoot so they can critique the sniper on how to improve there shot.

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    Why do you think professionals sometimes balk at the idea that they might benefit from coaching?

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