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To all Juniors in Highschool when picking schools that you will attend in a year or two I as college freshmen who has barely been here two weeks recommend that you pick a school that you like for the features some may say that you never should never judge a book by it’s cover however in this case I recommend that you do because it’s the same degree wherever you go also don’t choose your college based on degree because lets be honest in four years your interests can change along with what you want to do with your life don’t rush to your decision take your time because you have your whole future ahead of you and prematurely making this decision could affect you down the line also if you end up wanting to change majors then you may be stuck at a school that you choose purely because of that major you thought you wanted but now don’t want to continue with because it doesn’t interest also one more thing pick a school that allows you to experiment with different majors. However, when choosing also to consider if this school allows you to experiment with majors. Although I will enlighten you with the things that I have learned so far from my short term as a college student I would recommend that whichever college you choose make sure that you will learn these three things critical thinking,  and ingenuity.

            So, the first and one of the most important skills in life would be critical thinking to go along with it problem solving these skills are incredibly important not only for school but also for life these skills will allow you to analyze problems and texts and think about them beyond what’s on the page and then solve the problem in a new or innovative way that may not have previously been thought of. Also employers look for these skills in future workers with 89% of employers saying that they look for good critical thinking skills and analytical abilities so not only will these skills help you in your academic career but they will also assist in your post-academic life in getting a job plus these skills make you not a mindless sheep who cannot think for themselves but instead allows for you to take a subject and make it your own so I cannot stress to you enough how important these skills are in your life and its best to learn them now while there being taught to you rather than later on when it may cause problems.

            The second skill that I think is most important to learn is ingenuity. Now you might be saying what’s ingenuity? well, ingenuity is the ability to be clever, inventive, or original and now you might be saying how is this skill? This I think is a skill because everyone is creative however very few can harness that creativity and give it physical form through ingenuity. But why ingenuity? because ingenuity is your creativity harnessed and used to help you solve problems in ways previously not thought of and manifest your creativity. Ingenuity can be taught however being creative is not something that can be taught to someone and with more companies looking for people who are creative and able to innovate with 70% of employers looking for the ability to be creative now although this at the end says creative you have to remember that ingenuity is also creativity shown physically. So that is why believe that ingenuity is the most important skill because it teaches you to use your creativity in a product of the way

So in synopsis I Believe that skills are the most important due to there relevance int eh world around us and the abilities they grant you post-college and further on in life so hen look at colleges you should consider if your school teaches these skills if it doesn’t I would probably find another school to look at I do hope that this helped you learn more about the college selection process and gave some things to consider when choosing your school so good luck to you in choosing ad I hope you enjoy college and learn as much as possible.

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