Thoughts on Western Michigan universities skills employers want

My list and the list by the University of Michigan had a lot of similarities we both said that college is here to teach critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership both lists agreed that college needs to teach these skills in order for someone to become a functioning member of society  however where we disagree when it comes to leadership and work ethic because you cannot teach someone to be a leader and take it from me when I say you can’t teach work ethic the reason I say this is because both of skills have to be fostered rather then be taught for example you can teach someone to be a leader however you cannot teach someone lead what I just said sounds a little redundant I know but what I mean is that leading is something that is a skill that’s developed over the course of years through trial and error but most important to all this is someone has to have confidence as a leader and that’s just not something that can be taught in four years. Next thing we disagreed on the idea that work ethic is a skill that colleges can’t teach because college or school can’t teach me to care about whatever I’m working on. So yeah those are my thoughts on the list

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